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A positive reimbursement decision was made on 7 August 2019. Therefore, Fampyra® will be reimbursed from 1 September 2019, provided that patients meet a number of conditions. You can find these conditions on the website of the Dutch Zorg Instituut: Read more

For Fampyra patients who have been eligible for the reimbursement scheme, it means that they must participate in a trial treatment via their neurologist within a year. Regardless of the result, Fampyra will be fully reimbursed by the health insurer up to the result of the trial treatment. 

Dose 10mg
Type Tablets
Active ingredient FAMPRIDINE



Now that a positive reimbursement decision has been made, the Reimbursement Scheme will be terminated as of 1 September 2019. The portion of the list price that came from patients at their own expense between January and August 2019 will also be reimbursed retroactively.

Who can submit a claim

Patients or their carer can submit a claim online for the Contribution amount they paid for Fampyra® 10mg. Pharmacists cannot submit claims on behalf of patients for this medicine.

From when till when can you submit a claim

Fampyra® will be fully reimbursed from 1 september 2019. Therefore, the Reimbursement Scheme will end on 31 augustus 2019. Claims with a dispense date from 1 January 2019 til 31 August 2019 can be submitted until 31 oktober 2019.

During the term of the Reimbursement Scheme, patients have paid part of the list price themselves. This amount will now also be repaid retroactively. Please note: this is the list price, the costs for VAT and service costs of the pharmacy are not reimbursed.  

This amount can only be paid when the last invoices have been received. Claims can still be submitted up to and including 31 October 2019. The remaining amount will then be paid out in the following week (November 4 through November 8, 2019).

Please note: you do not have to do anything yourself. TBR looks into the system how many packages you have declared recently. The amount to be repaid is calculated on the basis of this. This is then deposited into your account.

Submit a claim online

Patients can claim online and will receive their reimbursement within 5 working days.

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