Where can you find the detailed statement

To view your healthcare costs online, you must log in to your personal page from your healthcare insurer. Usually you will need a DigiD. On your personal page you can view the detailed statement and (usually) download it: 

  • Go to the website of your health insurer.
  • Almost all health insurers alow you to log in on their mijnomgeving. You can log in to the mijnomgeving by clicking on a button at the top of the webpage, which says "Log in" or "Mijn ..." followed by the name of the health insurer. You will always need your DigiD and a (mobile) telephone number to receive an SMS-code.
  • After logging in, you will start on the homepage of mijnomgeving. Here you will search for the declaratie- or zorgkostenoverzicht. This statement can usually be found by clicking on "(Mijn) zorgkosten", "Declaraties", "Uitgekeerde nota's", etc.
  • You are now in the healthcost overview page. Many health insurers offer the option to filter by year and type of care. Choose the year in which the treatment took place. Choose Farmacie to filter by type of care.
    Find the treatment and open the details. This is often done by clicking on the treatment, by clicking on "Details" or on an arrow or plus sign that appears next to the treatment. Sometimes you only have to double click on, for example, Farmacie.
  • Most health insurers will allow you to download a PDF-form of the specified statement from the detaills section.

Help us to make your claim is processed as quickly as possible

TBR can only process claims that have been completed thoroughly. Missing information? Ask your health insurer or pharmacist to provide the correct statements or receipts.

We'll need:

  • Accountnumber, date of birth, name and address of the patient 
  • The name of the medicine, the date of issuance (a.k.a. date of treatment) and the dispensing pharmacist.
  • The amount of the Personal Contribution
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