Our most popular questions

Where can I see the status of my claim?

You can see the status of your claim under 'my claims'. By clicking on the claim you will see an overview of the photo and the data. Are you claiming the status 'Pending with TBR employee'? Then the claim has been submitted and is waiting for approval by an employee. When the claim has been paid, the status will change to 'Paid'. It is also possible that your claim is rejected, for example if you accidentally submit a double bill.

Where can I find the statement from my health insurer?

Click here to see where on the website of your health insurer you can find the statement.

What is the number of the claim overview of the health insurance?

You can often find this number at the top left of the health insurance specification. It is a number followed by a / and a year, for example: 3/2019. However, the claim number can also be a series of random numbers. This number is usually at the top of the specification under the heading 'claim'. 

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