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Within how many days will I receive the money?

If you claim online, you will receive the money as a rule within five working days if the claim has been submitted correctly. You can follow the status of your claim under 'my claims'. You will receive the money by post within a maximum of 15 working days.


What is the difference between the Personal Contribution and the Own Risk?

Personal contribution and deductible are different things. You only pay the compulsory deductible yourself per year when you need care. In 2019 this is the level of the mandatory deductible of € 385. The deductible applies to most care in the basic package.

The personal contribution is the part of the bill that you must always pay yourself. Even if you have already used up your deductible. The personal contribution can be for different types of care, for example for medicines and can vary in height. You pay the personal contribution over and over again (not once).

Why do I receive a different amount than I have entered?

You enter the amount of the personal contribution yourself when you submit a claim. This is checked after submission by a TBR Netherlands employee. It is possible that the amount you entered will be adjusted by TBR Nederland. For example, because you have entered the access amount instead of the personal contribution. An employee of TBR Nederland will then correct the entered amount for you. In the overview of your declarations, you will see the definitive amount that you will receive with the approved declarations. The amount can still change as long as the claim is still being processed.

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