How to submit a claim online

You log in to your account and click on 'declareren'. First, upload a photo or scan of your health insurer statement or pharmacist receipt. Then enter the requested information in the fields. When you have completed all the fields, click on 'check and submit now'. You will then receive an overview of the scan and the data that you have entered. Check the data one more time. Is something wrong? Then click on 'change details'. Are all details correct? Then confirm that you have entered all information truthfully and then click on 'indienen'. You can view your submitted claims under 'mijn declaraties'. Also read Submit a claim online

How do I upload a photo or a scan?

You click on the icon with the camera. Now the screen opens where your photos or scans are stored. Do you not see a file? Then click on 'all files' in the lower right of the screen instead of 'image files'. Click on the file that you want to upload.

Where can I see the status of my claim?

You can see the status of your claim under 'my claims'. By clicking on the claim you will see an overview of the photo and the data. Are you claiming the status 'Pending with TBR employee'? Then the claim has been submitted and is waiting for approval by an employee. When the claim has been paid, the status will change to 'Paid'. It is also possible that your claim is rejected, for example if you accidentally submit a double bill.

How far back can I submit claims?

For general information and validity of the reimbursement scheme that applies to you, view the Medicine page . For specific questions about the validity of your receipts, please contact TBR Nederland. Please note: receipts dated prior to 2019 can only be submitted by post!

Claims with overview health insurance

For what medicines is a specified overview from the health insurer required?

In case you make a claim for one of the following medicines you need an overview of your health insurer:

  • Adempas®
  • Adhesa®
  • Broxil®
  • Cholestagel®
  • Cresemba®
  • Elvanse®
  • Fludrace®
  • Intuniv®
  • Isturisa®
  • Kesimpta®
  • Lokelma®
  • Metoject Pen®
  • Ontozry®
  • Plenadren®
  • Signifor®
  • Uptravi®
  • Zeposia®

Which requirements must the specification of my health insurance meet?

The photo of your specification must be sharp and the text must be legible. In addition, your specification may not be a photocopy. The overview must contain at least the following information:

• Your name and address (name, address, place of residence) 
• Name of health insurer 
• Accountnumber with the health insurer 
• Issue date 
• Name of medicine 
• Dose (number of mg) 
• Amount of Personal Contribution

What should I enter at 'behandeldatum'?

The 'behandeldatum' is the date that you have received the medicine. Also called 'uitgiftedatum'. The 'behandeldatum' is stated on the health insurance statement. You enter this when requested.

I do not have access to the personal environment of my health insurance to download the specification. Is it mandatory to send this?

Yes, we cannot process your claim without the statement from your health insurer. To obtain this statement, you must log in with your DigiD on the website of your health insurer.

Do not have a DigiD? You can request this on the website:

Do you have a DigiD, but are unable to download the statement from the website of your health insurer? Please contact your health insurer's customer service so that they can explain what to do.

Here you will find an overview per health insurer where you can find the statement.

Where can I find the statement from my health insurer?

Click here to see where on the website of your health insurer you can find the statement.

I have been using this medicine for a long time and previously did not have to send in a specification of the health insurance policy. What has changed?

A law amendment has been in force since 1 January 2019. Since this year, you never pay more than 250 euros in your personal contribution for medicines. This regulation applies to medicines that are included in the medicine reimbursement system (GVS). For a limited number of medicines, the manufacturer runs a BackPay Scheme via TBR Netherlands. You can declare this personal contribution to us with a maximum of 250 euros per patient per year.

Previously, you received a bill from your pharmacy that you declared to TBR Netherlands. Or your pharmacy claimed for you at TBR Nederland, so that the process went without you. This is no longer possible for GVS medicines. From 1 January 2019 you can only submit your own amounts yourself with a specification of the health insurance policy.

Claims with invoice/ pharmacy receipt

For what medicines is an invoice/pharmacy receipt required?

In case you make a claim for one of the following medicines you need an invoice/pharmacy receipt:

  • Forxiga®
  • Xigduo®

What should I enter under 'treatment date'?

At the treatment date, enter when you have collected the medication. This date is also stated on the invoice. Note: sometimes there are two different dates on the bill. You choose the date on which you collected the medicine, not the date on which the invoice was made.

What should I enter under 'quantity of tablets or medicine'?

With the amount of tablets or medication you enter how many capsules / tablets / injections etc. you have collected. So not how many packages you have collected.

What is the Z-Index number?

The Z-Index number is an 8-digit number that appears on your receipt. The Z-Index number usually starts with the number 1. Every medicine has its own Z-Index number.

Which requirements must my invoice/receipt fulfil?

The photo of your invoice/receipt must be clear and the text must be legible. In addition, your invoice may not be a photocopy and the invoice must be printed on letterhead from the pharmacy. The invoice must show who the invoice is for, which medicine it is for, what the delivery date is and how many items it concerns.

I have lost the receipt. Can I also send another payment receipt?

No, we only process original receipts. You may not upload a photo of a debit card / payment reminder / overview of the health insurance policy / bank statement. If you have lost the receipt, you can always ask your pharmacy to reprint the receipt.

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