Reimbursement Scheme Zeposia®

26 November 2020

Reimbursement Scheme Zeposia®

The health insurer does not fully reimburse Zeposia® (0,23mg+0,46mg en 0,92mg). The producer of this medicine has therefore asked TBR Nederland to reimburse the costs of the Personal Contribution to the patient.


The Personal Contribution for Zeposia® (0,23mg+0,46mg en 0,92mg) that is demonstrably charged to the patient by the health insurer will be fully reimbursed from 01-12-2020 up to a maximum of € 250 per patient per year. 

Who can submit a claim

Only patients or their carer can claim the Personal Contribution for Zeposia® (0,23mg+0,46mg en 0,92mg) online or by post. Online will be the fastest option. Pharmacists cannot claim this medicine on behalf of the patient.

For more information check out the Zeposia® (0,23mg+0,46mg en 0,92mg) medicine page


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