General information

The pharmacist has dispensed PLENADREN® 5 or 20mg to you. The health insurer will not reimburse the cost of this prescription in full. The manufacturer of this medicine has therefore instructed TBR Nederland to reimburse to the patient the Personal Contribution charged.

Dose 5 and 20mg
Type Tablets
Active ingredient HYDROCORTISON



Since 12 August 2019, has been responsible for the reimbursement of PLENADREN.

The Personal Contribution that is demonstrably charged to the patient by the health insurer for PLENADREN® is fully reimbursed with a maximum of € 250 per patient per year. Therefore, the patient can submit a claim with TBR Netherlands

Who can submit a claim

Only patients or their carer can submit a claim online for the Personal Contribution amount they paid for PLENADREN® 5 and/or 20mg. Pharmacists cannot submit claims on behalf of patients for this medicine.

From when till when can you submit a claim

For this Reimbursement Scheme no closing date has been determined yet.

Submit a claim online

Patients can claim online and will receive their reimbursement within 5 working days.

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Submit a claim by post

Patients can claim by post and will receive their reimbursement within 15 working days.

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Please mail the Claim Form and attachments to:

TBR Nederland
Postbus 8011
1180 LA Amstelveen 

VV-MEDMAT-91581, september 2023

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